Discogs Questions

Hello !

1). I want a search on Discogs going on no album title, and in tandem - "Artist - title/track"?
2). Is it possible to somehow modify the script to fill the tag with discogs to fill only the following fields (other fields I basically do not need them) - the names of the fields are given for other programs which I use to fill tags (Tag & Rename), so the names of these fields may be different from the names of the same fields in mp3tag:

1). Album
2) Year
3). Genre (usually no more than 2 genres, pointing separated by commas)
4). The original author (real name of the artist)
5). URL - URL (artist and pages on www.discogs.com)
6). Author album coincides with the author (performer)
7). Label (s)
8). The album cover (release / plate)
Ie how do I do - especially collections (although not only them).

Note: The majority of operations done, pens (copy, paste, etc.):

Suppose there is a collection of:
Ravermeister Vol.1, scoring his name in the search, there is a lot of results, I find the most eligible: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Ravermeiste.../release/129725, then I need to fill in the fields (the ones that I listed above) for the song "Nikolai - - Ready To Flow (Microwave Prince Remix) Remix - Microwave Prince", I press on the link to the performer, pass on his page: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Nikolai, there looking for him real name: Nikolai Kaeßmann, copy it into the "4.) The original author," and then seeking a poster, copy the link to the poster in the "5.URL", if some sites, it lists several sites separated by commas (no more than 5 ), the first is a link to the author's www.discogs.com - copying from the browser string, followed by the actual link to the site (s) of the author, then looking for the name of the release (album / disc): Ready To Flow:, turn to page this album (release / plate): http://www.discogs.com/Nikolai-Ready-To-Fl...s/master/131442, popsle copy and paste the album name in the "1). Album", then looking for artwork for this release (the album) - which is larger in size, save it into a full-size form (no preview) on your hard drive, insert the program into an mp3 file, after I find an album page Style: Trance, Techno, copy, and paste into the field "3). Genre", after an album page, looking at the labels that came out this song (or in the release / record and / or in a collection / s) and copy the first 5 labels (separated by commas), add more labels if the phrase "and more ..."

ie for each artist in the book I actually manually fill tags (since they are different):
1). Original author
2). URL - the site address
3). Label (s)
ie the need to automate the insertion of the tag discogs.com podvyvertami but what I have above ...
1). original author
2). URL - the site address
3). Label (s)
ie the need to automate the insertion of the tag discogs.com but as I said above.

3). How do I add tags to the panel (ctrl + Q) display other fields, in addition to the fields title, artist, album, etc. ?

Sorry for the translation, Google-translator. :unsure:
I am Russian.

Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

With the script you can only write what you can see at the disocgs release page. So no real name of the arist, no artist pictures, no other albums/singles where a track was released, no artist URL, no other labels where the artist releases, ....

The only thing which my script can offer you is the original artist name, when discogs uses a artist name variation. At your example http://www.discogs.com/Various-Ravermeiste.../release/129725 :
1.03: "Madame-X" instead of "Madame X"
1.04: "Robotnico" instead of "Robotnico"
1.10: "Code-12" instead of "Code 12"
1.11: "Caucasuss" instead of "Caucasus"
2.03 (extra artist): "Oliver Lieb" instead of "O. Lieb"


If you have this, you can make an action group in Mp3tag which gives you the disocgs artist URL.

If you have:
make the following action:

Action: Format Value
Formatstring: http://www.discogs.com/artist/%original artist%

or, if you want to append the artist URL to the standard WWW field where you have already the release URL:
Action: Format Value
Field: WWW
Formatstring: %www% - http://www.discogs.com/artist/%original artist%

not quite sure where to put these lines?:

you have to create a new action in Mp3tag and use it after you use my web sources script.

What happened to mp3tag since the new version?

I always use Discogs as my tag source and in the previous version I could click the Discogs(fast) or the Discogs (datailed) button. Then it would automatically search on Discogs but with the new version the way mp3tag performs its search has changed.
Instead or searching for the artist name - title it now searches (or tries to as it's not working) on the album.

Is that intentionally changed? Because I think it's very bad and annoying.
If I did a quick search in the prev. version it almost always detected the correct album but now it asks me every time to enter the Album to search for.
In most cases I tag seperate mp3's so I don't know the album. So I have to go to the website manually and look for it.

Is there a way to change this? I quickly looked in the settings but couldn't find it.
I'm not familiar with expressions or whatever so I don't really want to spend learning these things to set it up right.
I liked it they way it worked before.
Is it possible to download the previous version from the homepage?
EDIT: found the installer of 2.39a on my PC :slight_smile:
Or can someone help me to make it search for artist - title again like it used to?


PS: didn't feel like making a new topic as this one has the name Discogs so it fits in here.

EDIT2: after deleting 2.49b and reinstalling 2.49a it no longer works :huh:
It now says: "Invalid data, full line expected"

discogs has disabled the old List Artist method so I've replaced it with an album search.

If you want to search by artist I suggest you switch to one of these scripts:

Aha, that's why it didn't work with the prev. version anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply! I'll look into it.

To get the script working I need to put it in the profile folder of mp3tag.
One problem though... there is no profile folder?! Lol?

Using Win 7 > C:\Users{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag
Nothing there... weird! I'm the main and only user btw.

How did you install Mp3tag?

Well try this:
In Mp3tag open "Convert > Tag - filename" and enter

It should preview the location of the data folder.

Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:
Found it... I think the folder wasn't yet made as I deleted mp3tag and reinstalled but had not opened mp3tag.
Or because I had to give permission for the app to change (Eset AV)

That's right you have to open Mp3tag once before that folder is created.

Hehe apparently yes :stuck_out_tongue:
Could've searched for that folder forever if I hadn't opened mp3tag :laughing: