Discogs search results window is blank

Everything was working fine until today. Now, when I select Tag Sources -> discogs the pop-up window that displays the search results contains no text. However, each line in the arraylist appears to have some underlying data because when I click on one, it opens a browser window with an invalid URL within the discogs.com domain (displaying a 404 error page). At first I thought something was wrong with the discogs.com site, but I can easily browse their site with no problem, including finding the album I was trying to tag.

I registered because I noticed the same the thing.

That comes from recent changes at Discogs API. Try to insert

regexpreplace ""community": {[^{]*?}," ""

at the top of the index section in the discogs.src file.
Or download and try Discogs (pone mod) here in the forum. I've fixed it there already.

I have the same problem and I've just tried Discogs Pone and it isn't working either (but I suppose it's an issue I should take there instead).

Which line exactly?

see [WS] Discogs (pone mod)
I bet you haven't updated your script.

all blank field in my script normally result from incorrect installation.
follow the instructions at the starting post of my script. Can't say what exactly got wrong with for you. Further questions please ask in the forum topic for my script.

For the right line of
regexpreplace ""community": {[^{]*?}," ""

in the default script, it doesn't matter where exactly, before or after the two
replace... lines there.

by the way:
Florian has used my fix for the script in the newest development version (Mp3Tag 2.59b). Works as it did before:

I actually found out about the Pone script today while looking at this forum looking for a solution. I intended to use it instead of the standard Discogs search. I'll have a look, regardless.

Hmmm, I'll try the newest version. I actually wasn't aware of it since the download page still displays MP3Tag v2.59a. I'll let you know if this is fixed.


Yes, the newest version is working fine. Thank you so much, pone!

your welcome.

and still welcome to try my script if you want advanced extra options for discogs. it works fine if you set it up correctly.

Yes, I just tried it (after getting MP3Tag V2.59c) and it works! Thank you so much!