Discogs track tags not loading

When I load a release it reads like this:

with no tag data I tried a number of releases including one I tagged just yesterday. I tried tagging app TagScanner & it loads ok.

what script are you using?

mine /t/9226/1
& dano's /t/1992/1
are working.

The freak one, yeah I tried one of the others reads kinda different though.

Discogs_ID.src (7.44 KB)

Where is that from? I can't find it in the forum.

I will have a look, if it some simple thing I will fix it.

It uses Discogs API 1.0. This will be shut down in a few days anyway. So it has to be adopted to API 2.0
more about that here: Changes at discogs.com

I thought it was one of the default scripts that came with the app, I'm not certain at this point, I like that it reads in the main Tag Sources menu rather than a sub its a little quicker to access that way.

I've got.

It seems like discogs introduced a new ID for every artist at the API pages. Just had to replace this and it worked again. I also adapted the URL to API 2.0


changed this line:
into this:

and added this line:
regexpreplace "\d+?" ""

It's certainly not one of the default scripts.

Discogs_ID_by_freak_reworked_by_pone.src (7.48 KB)

I receive a bad request error now.

I'll be back in two hours.

I've fixed the attachment of pone.
It seems # Comments don't work in [IndexUrl] line.

Thanks, works fine :slight_smile:

thanks dano

no, I wasn't talking about my fix of freak's script, I was talking about this:
there you freely decide what tag field you want for every little bit of information.

  • you get 15 different ways to search for your release from mp3tag, you don't have to look it up in the browser before to get the release id

about freak's script:
I noticed that strange behaviour for the TITLE field, but I kept it as you mentioned nothing about it.
Here is a quick fix for it:

  • I removed the tracknumber from the end of the TITLE field
  • I deleted the VINYL# field
  • I added a little code at the end which replaces the standard track numbers with the track postions from discogs for all releases with the following media formats at discogs:
    Vinyl|Cassette|Acetate|Shellac|Microcassette|Lathe Cut

Discogs_ID_by_freak__pone_rework_2.src (7.22 KB)

Thanks, works perfect :slight_smile: