Just started happening today. Using v. 2.84a on Windows 7 64.

Have disabled all my security software to see if that was the culprit, it was not.

I get this error for Discogs

Revoked access from Discogs to try triggering it again, so far nothing.

I've scoured this forum and short of uninstalling with CCleaner and reinstalling, not sure where the problem lies.

I get this message if a proxy lies on the way to discogs.

Nah - i've started gtting it on my home PC now and there is no proxy involved

I think something has changed at the Discogs end and now the integration has stopped working

Same problem :frowning:

See this topic also.

Apparently there was a problem with the Discogs authorization. I opened MP3tag, tried tagging via Pone/Joker mod and now I was asked to enter the authorization code. Browser opened, I logged in on Discogs.com and allowed permissions for MP3tag.

So happy :smiley:

I'm also not able to retrieve info from Discogs. This has been going on for several days. My error message is a little different, though:

"Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)

-2146893018: 2148074278: The message received was unexpected or badly formatted."

This is just FYI. I will start a new topic about it.

see here: /t/19357/1