Display all duplicate songs

This might be a Rookie question but... I guess I'm a rookie... LOL...
I would like to have mp3tag display all my duplicate songs, similar to Itunes... is there a way?
Please help.....

I do not know what iTunes will show you ... but ... why don't you use iTunes to solve your problem?
Why do you want to use Mp3tag?
How would you define what a duplicate song is?
How could Mp3tag help you on the way to the solution?


I agree with DetlevD: stay to iTunes if you are satisfied with it.
I am not as iTunes only looks at the spelling of the title - only slight differences will not lead to hits.
On the other hand same titles from completely different artists (and therefore also completely different) will be shown as duplicates.
Also ludicrous differences in length will not hinder iTunes to show these tracks as duplicates.
So there is only very little benefit from this function in iTunes.

There is a speciality due to the design of MP3tag that forbids MP3tag to take notice of the previous or the following file. So MP3tag deals only with one track at a time.

But you can use MP3tag to get MD5 hashes, export tags to text files and then let lose a database program that allows you to find records matching certain criteria.
So: follow DetlevD's advice and define what characterizes a duplicate for you and then think of a mechanism. Those at iTunes definitely did not think far enough.

Just select all dupes in iTunes and drag to an empty instance of mp3tag (will take a while if youve got heaps and scattered throughout different folders, but it works :music:

As I said: the list of alleged duplicates in iTunes is far from perfect. It lists tracks that are most certainly no duplicates (as the title is the same - there are albums that feature nothing but the cover versions of a single song but they are all different due to artist and/or score) but leaves out those that have a slight typo in the tags.
This means that you can hardly use the duplicates function.
I personally use the function to get an indication where my tags are not quite up to the mark e.g. I left out the [live] appendix or [Maxi Version] to get a decent differentiation.

To find duplicates tools like "similarity" give a much better indication.