Display ANY and ALL Tags/Comments in FLACs

I would like for mp3tag to display any and all stored tags/comments in all flac files loaded. After searching through FAQs and forum posts, it seems that is not possible.

So I tried this:

and figured I then manually add every possible tag i found in the export file as a column. but I might be doing something wrong, the exported csv does not list all tags from the exported flac selection. Just a quick glance shows all musicbrainz tags missing and e.g. source is missing too.

how would I go about (tools/processes) to be able to see anything thats stored in the flac files and being able to manipulate that meta data?

also, that export script exported data to the csv that contained local personal information like workingdir/path/volume. I assume this information is not stored in flac meta data but is an export of mp3tag?

The export script is a plain text file and can be edited so that it meets your requirements.

To see all tag fields of a file, have a look at the $list() command for exports.
Also, check out the extended tags dialogue that shows you at least the presence of all tag fields for all selected files.

Here is another thread on the topic with a technical approach:

thanks @ohrenkino

I'm so confused. I also tried @dano export but it lead me to the same result as the other export scripts I tried. I also tried the $list command in scripting but to no avail.

Am I confusing tags with vorbis comments or are they the same in a FLAC file? All that ever seems to get exported is basic tags.

This is basically what get's exported:

album=French Style
artist=Dean Martin
title=c'est si bon

I tried metaflac and that's basically all that metaflac exports or lists.

But, where is all this information stored then:

I installed ubuntu and learned a little bash scripting the last couple of hours but I'm still not getting what I want.

My OC side wants to see every and all vorbis comments or tags that are stored inside any given flac file. Or export those into a list if the display and edit thing cannot be achieved.

If this can be done with mp3tag I dont know how and everything I've tried above hasnt lead to the desired result.

Where do I go wrong?

You could try the command line tool ExifTool by Phil Harvey.

This are the tags which you can read and export from FLAC.
This are the VORBIS comment tags you can read and export.

Please note that there is no WRITE back support for FLAC and VORBIS.

Thanks @LyricsLover I'll read through this and check out the tool.

@ohrenkino I think something is wrong with my configuration or installation of mp3tag.

nevermind @ohrenkino all sorted out. and yes, it was me.

Looks good! thanks mate