Display both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags at the same time?

Hi all...

Slick little app! But I was wondering if it's possible to display both the ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags at the same time while editing. The dvd player in my car only reads the ID3v1 tags but obviously Winamp (and pretty much every other mp3 player) displays the ID3v2 tag, so it just makes life easier if I can see both tags while editing.

If it's not possible to display both, would it be possible to add an option for some sort of marker or something to be added to a future release to distinguish where the ID3v1 characters get cut off? Like maybe highlight first 30 characters (or whatever ID3v1 is) or something?

I currently use an old version of collectorz.com MP3 Collector and I love it. It's pretty robust, displays both tags in the same editor window, etc but it doesn't seem to play nice on my Core 2 Duo laptop. Whenever I close it, it pretty much taps out one of the cores to 100% usage so I end up having to kill the process. This is easy enough, but I would just like to use an app that closes properly.


I guess this isn't possible. Oh well. The search continues...

I had a similar request a while ago:


My suggestion was to use buttons on the top toolbar to quickly switch between what tags are displayed.

Currently there's a priority like this: APEv2 > ID3v2 > ID3v1

So you have to disable reading ID3v2 in the options and refresh the file list in order to see the ID3v1 tags. That's very cumbersome and takes a lot of time when you're editing hundreds of MP3s.

I think Mp3Tag should read all tags at once (hold them in memory) and make the different kings accessible via buttons (applying to normal placeholders) and via special placeholders/functions for a fixed and permanent view in the file list view.

And a simple point/select/copy&paste from one tag to another should also be great. Because when I want to write to a specific tag I also have to go to the options and adjust the "Read" settings... that's killing the workflow. Same for deleting a specific tag... :wacko: