Displaying "áBeatles" instead of "Beatles"

Hi Florian. I experienced a strange phenomenon.

My 10 year old radio is capable of playing MP3 files, displaying the ID3 tags "artist", "album" and "title". When listening to some MP3 files on this radio all of these three ID3 tags are displayed with a preceding special character "á".
Example: "áBeatles" is displayed instead of the correct "Beatles". When I open these files with MP3TAG (v2.80) the artist's field only contains "Beatles", so I can't remove this character "á".
However, when I open the same file with "The Godfather", it also only displays "Beatles", but when re-saving this file with "The Godfather", my radio shows the correct artist "Beatles".
Can I somehow achieve the same clean up effect also using MP3TAG?


Have you had a look at this thread:
about ISO and UTF tags