Displaying of longer action in action groups

While working on a a very long action, while the kindly help of user DetlevD, I've noticed that I only see it to some point. I've made some changes and it seems that in action window [within the action groups window] there are displayed only around 240+ characters, including the kind of action

I guess the limit is the magic number 255

Could that be changed, please?

250 characters is more than 3 lines of text on an ordinary A4 page ...

But: you could split the action so that you have less text in one.

Do you speak about the selection list menu for the single steps within one action group, ...
where each line offers a preview about the action type and tag-field and formatstring value?

Hmm, I have counted a maximal length of 259 characters within one menu entry.
For a preview this seems to be enough.

While in the "Format Value" dialog the edit field for the formatstring accepts 30.000 characters.
This seems to be enough.


I dont know; I took a screenshoot

Well, it's not

It cuts of at "76 and so I do not see, if it ends on 99 or runs further [and so I have to click to acess and see it]

As I said, this came up for me as an issue in this topic: /t/16859/1

You are joking?
76 * 3 characters are 228 characters, there should be empty room until 259 in the actions-list menu's preview, resp. the menu entry has been filled already with the action's name and the tag-fields's name.
One menu's list item carries just an overview or preview about informations within the underlying action, ... i. e. the type of action, the target tag-field, and some other relevant content.
This preview is truncated at a reasonable length (about three times screen horizontal width, scrollable).
If you need to view all parameters of one menu entry in full scope, ...
then you have to open the related edit dialog of the selected action.


Well spoken.

I am willing to accept, that you both are absolutely right

As long as you are willing to concur with me, that in such long case like these there should be some kind of indicator, telling the user [without clicking and going further down the software windows] about the existence additional content [that there are more signs after the last displayed]

A simple

74|75|76 ...

would do the trick; or even better with the addition of some text like

The request continues: /t/18876/1