Do all this in one click?

Hi, I have 30K mp3 files and I need to tag them with MP3 tags.

Several fields are the same for all MP3 files. But some fields needs to be extracted from the file name.

For example, this is the structure of the file name:

"This is the title - subtext.mp3"

The full part without extension, so in this case: "This is the title - subtext" must be copied into the Title field.

The first part of this complete string: "This is the title", must be copied to the Album field.

Then how can I automatically import an image? The folder structure where I have the images is always the same. It's one directory up and then it's the "images" directory. Depending on the subtext, the image filename that ends with 3 predefined letters must be selected and set as image.

For example:
"This is the title - subtext1.mp3"
The "subtext1" refers to an image that ends with "st1.jpg"

"This is the title - subtext2.mp3"
The "subtext2" refers to an image that ends with "st2.jpg"

And so on. There are 5 different subtexts.

Can this be achieved with some scripting?

What I want is to minimize the amount of manual actions, to set the tags. Ideal situation would be to select the mp3 file in Mp3Tag and click one button to start a script. This script then generates and sets the tags and includes the correct image.

I hope this is possible.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

See the FAQs on how to get data from the filename into the tag fields:

See the help on actions:

See the FAQs on how to create an action group: