Do I need to tag in order for what I want to do?

iTunes groups the files by Albumartist, Album and Tracknumber.
So, if the Album has the same name (and not the appendix CD1, CD2) then all tracks end up in the same album.

So you could either rename the Album so it has CDx as discriminator.
Or you apply an action that puts the DISCNUMBER (which you would have to fill) in front of TRACK
(Action "Format Tag-Field" for TRACK
Format string: %discnumber%$num(%track%,2)
So, track 1 of CD1 becomes 101, track 2 becomes 102.
Track 1 fo CD2 becomes 201 etc.
Like that you can easily jump to a certain track. Or create a playlist that says TRACK Greater 200.

Thank you so much!

If a box set have 10 CDs or more. Just rename CD10 to "1001" or should it be "10-01"?

I think that the field TRACk is a numeric one - so a plain number would mean the best compatibility (a slash is allowed though, I think).

I'm not sure what you want me to do with the format, and I'm not sure where to enter the string format in iTunes. I understand I need to rename the songs manually myself with 101, and ect, right? I don't understand about the formats and putting DISCNUMBER in front of format.

The good thing is that MP3tag can do most of it for you.
Now: first of all you have to get the discnumber into the tags.
If you have a folder structure that has the cd-number in it
e.g. Beatles - Greatest Hits\CD1\01 ....mp3
then you can extract the discnumber with the converter Filename-Tag and the mask

Now you create an action (see FAQs for that, esp /t/967/1.

Instead of the field and text given in the example you enter the format string I gave you in post #3.
(Perhaps you try it out with just a few files and see if you are satisfied).

Then it is up to iTunes to find out that things have changed. Apparently it is easiest to delete the files from the iTunes library and re-read the folders...

I am completely lost on what to do with mp3tag. A FAQ I'm sorry it won't help me learn this. A step by instructions would most likely help me with having the instructions go from start to finish. Would it be possible for you to post step by step instructions?

Last year without me pulling up my first thread I made. If I remember correctly was you, or someone else gave me step by step instructions based on what I wanted to use it for? My point of that question is, could you please provide instructions on what I want to use it for, and not what I want to use it for in the summer.

I'll gave a reason for those step by step instructions which I'll follow better. I have a lower IQ then normal which means I have a hard time following something that is not written in step by step form.

Are you able to help? I don't mean to ask for a whole lot. Am I asking for too much? Please let me know.

Then down to basics: do you have the discnumber already stored in the tags?

If not: does the filename or the foldername give a hint what the discnumber might be?

Here are the instructions you gave me in 2011, and it wasn't 2012, but you gave these instructions based on something different. Are you able to give instructions based on what I'm asking currently?

ZITAT(php111 @ Sep 25 2011, 15:42)
... Separated in iPhone by artists. My uncle said he had the same problem, but with various mixes.
You have to either fill the tag COMPILATION with the value 1 - and take care that all album tags of the same album have the same spelling
you leave the COMPILATION Tag alone and fill the field ALBUMARTIST with a name of your choice like "Various Artists", "Sampler 80s" or whatever. Do not enter the artist's name if the track is part of a compilation/sampler because then you end up with one album-dsiplay for each artist.

Now, to fill a the tag field of numerous files with the same ALBUMARTIST proceed as follows:
Load all the files you want to edit into MP3tag so that they show up in MP3tag's file list.
Select the files you want to modify.
Press Alt-T to open the Extended Tags Dialogue.
In that dialogue, check, if in the list of tags (in the list on the left) there is an entry ALBUMARTIST and if there is, select this entry and press the Edit button.
If not, press the "New" button and enter ALBUMARTIST as tag name.
Now enter the data (=name) for the ALBUMARTIST.
Press OK to close the dialogue and also press OK to close the extended tags dialogue.
Transfer the files to your device and see if the behaviour is as you wanted it.

Yes, it gives a hint. For example, I'm into jam bands, so The Grateful Dead - Winterland 1973, it goes by CD1, CD2, ect, and in those CDs, it has the tracks meaning songs.

Select these files.
Open the Converter>Filename-Tag
Enter the following:

In the Preview it should show:

Klick OK - and the discnumber will be transferred to the tags.

Thank you! If it has a lot of CDs, then will this way work for everything I do?

Yes, as long as the filename and path match this pattern.

Now: the next task is to join the discnumber and the tracknumber, right?

So, again: select files you want to process (perhaps first a small selection so an error does not mess up everything).
In the toolbar: search the button for "Actions (quick)" and klick it.
In the subsequent dialogue box select the action type "Format tag-field".
Press OK.
In the following dialogue box select for field TRACK.
enter as format string (next input box):
Klick OK.

Then check the tracknumbers: they should now read 101 für the first track on CD1, 201 for the first on CD2 and so on.

When I click on Actions (Quick) a box comes up, but I don't see an Action for Format tag-field. Here is the list I see from top to bottom.

Case conversion
Convert codepage
Export cover to file
Format value
Guess values
Import cover from file
Import text file
Merge duplicate fields
Remove duplicate fields
Remove fields
Remove fields except
Replace with regular expression
Split field by separator

(I use the German version and I tried to translate)

I have two boxes to enter in. Do I enter in both boxes the exact string you gave me? Or leave one box blank? Or what do I enter? The boxes I see are below.


Format string:

Field: TRACK

Format string:%discnumber%$num(%track%,2)

I just done it, but I don't see anything in my directory where my music is, or in mp3tag that says 101, and ect.

Naturally, this does not change the filename.
You would have to look at the column for track in mp3tag.

I see it under track. Do I need to get them like that before I add them to iTunes? I didn't save anything. I only followed what you told me to do.