do we have a shout box on here

was wondering if we have a shoutbox thought bit easier too chat and get too know members and save waiting for post replies

can someone please pm me please


why im asking is cause its easier too try too get help while someone on shout rather than waiting too get a reply back off a post if its urgent and allso too say hi and thanks for their help

I still do not see the point: you always have to wait for an answer, regardless if you have a "shout box" or you haven't.

You could test this forum in respect to response times and state your problem.

OK, I saw your post in
no lyrics on first mp3
The answer is there since the 15th of November, 21 minutes after you intially posted it.

Today is the 21st of November and you have not answered to any of the posts.
In this light I would say: no we don't need a shout box, not even for your case.

Even for an instant medium such as IRC there still can be delays to receiving responses. One can wait almost full days for replies on some channels even with others happily chatting away :smiley:

ok cheers