Does an action already exist to strip all accents, umlauts, etc?

Some of my audio devices and car stereos struggle with international characters, and I was wondering if somebody already developed an action (or has listed all of everything one would need to paste into the Action dialog box if I wanted to modify the existing "Standard" action) so that any accents, umlauts, and all of those characters are either automatically removed or replaced with the regular character (without the accent or umlaut). Sometimes I encounter auto-quotation marks (where one of them is upside down) too, which is easy enough for me to add by itself, but I'm looking for either a complete action that does all of this already, or at least a comprehensive list of all such common substitutions for making my own action.

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps this post does something for your character problem:

Edit: there has been a discussion in the German part of the forum:

And quite honestly: it is a completely different if you say
Er machte Löcher
Er machte Locher.

So I would live with the short-comings of these players and write them a fierce letter about their incompetence.
Getting from the reduced set of characters back to the full one is almost impossible.

Thank you for the fast reply, and for the 2 links that you shared. I appreciate the words of caution too, because like you say, once I strip the additional formatting, I'll never be able to restore them. Maybe I should rethink this. Hmm...