Double-clicking in filename selects whole filename instead of word clicked

I was editing a filename in the file list table, and double-clicked to select one word. Instead the whole filename (not including the extension) got selected. This is not standard macos behavior. Compare to editing a filename in Finder, where double-clicking selects just the word clicked.

I did try just hitting the Return key, and it selects the filename not including the extension, which is what Finder does too if you hit the Return key on a selected file.

MP3Tag version 1.7.4 (75)

Have you defined the column for filename so that you can edit the filename in the file list at all?

I haven't customized it, but it's editable already.

A delayed double click on the filename in the File List should select the filename without the extension. I've just tried and it works as expected. Can you try again just to be sure?

Upon re-reading your initial remark, you're referring to a double-click on a word while the filename is already in editing mode.

Does it really select the whole filename for you (given, that it's not a single word)?

Yes, that's correct. To go into more detail, when I double-click, on the second mouse-down, the word I clicked is selected, and then on mouse-up (whether I release immediately or hold the mouse/trackpad button down for a bit), the whole base filename (minus extension) is selected.

This happens for me only with the second double click on the same word. The first double click selects the word, the second the whole base filename (minus extension).

I've made a note to investigate further, although low priority (to set expectations).

I'm not sure what you mean by "second" double click. I have to single-click then wait, to be able to edit any file list field at all (which selects the whole filename, minus extension for a filename). Then when it's editable, if I double-click, the whole filename is again selected.

Note that the bug as reported only happens in the Filename column, not the other columns. Those do select single words on a double click.

No worries on low priority, this has an easy workaround.

Yes, here it correctly select the word. When I perform a second double click on the selected word, the whole base filename is selected.

It might be an issue that depends on the macOS version you're using. I'm on macOS Ventura 13.2, are you using something different?

I am on Monterey 12.6.1. I've been putting that in other postings but I forgot to do that here.

Thanks for pointing. I'm able to reproduce the issue on Monterey and will fix it to the next release.

No hurry on this, but thanks! :slight_smile:

This is now fixed with Mp3tag for Mac v1.7.6. Thanks again for reporting!

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