Downloading cover art from web

In previous versions of mp3tag I could download the cover art from a couple of web sources, Amazon and another. It was quick and easy. In recent versions I can't see this item in the list of web sources anymore. Was it removed?
Is it still possible to download cover arts from web? Is there something to do, like setting some preference or download a plugin or other?

Amazon as Tag Source has been removed after they've terminated my associate accounts. You can use "Cover > Discogs" to download cover art with the current version you're using.

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Hi guys. I just updated to v2.84a i can't download cover art. I keep getting a dialog box that asked for discogs authorisation code. It's really annoying. When i am able to search without discogs, i never seem to get any art covers, only text

I have a similar problem.
I search for artwork for via Cover Art-> Discogs. I then fill in the correct album title and it shows me a couple of hits. I then select one of them, it opens a new window, but the artwork frame remains empty. It does so with all hits, but i know the discogs page itself does contain artwork. Pretty weird.

Previous version (i dont know the number) i had installed had the same problem so i thought i update to this version. Too bad its not fixed. The version before my previous version worked correctly.

  1. Allow access for Mp3tag in the Browser window that opens automatically
  2. Enter the authorization code that is displayed on the Discogs website in Mp3tag's input field

I dont get these steps (a window doesnt open automatically
I do have a Discogs account which is always logged in

I get the same issue

It works fine from my home PC but not my work PC (which is behind a proxy)

The 12175 error seems to be related to the proxy, but not all calls to the web are failing

For example, the check for updates works fine, Musicbrainz tag sources and Freedb tag sources all work fine - just Discogs.

I have a Discogs account that is logged in on the same PC

See File>Options>Network
to enter settings to access the internet via a proxy.

I too had issues with Discogs so ended up using the Tools option to integrate with Album Art Downloader.

It has many commandline options which made the integration a breeze.

The parameter I used was:

/artist "%artist%" /album "%album%" /path "%_folderpath%\folder.jpg" /minSize 500 /maxSize 500
I believe it is pretty self explanatory but if not, it searches for all 500x500 images for the artist & album and when you click on the desired image saves it to the album's directory as "folder.jpg".

Sorry - in case it wasn't clear from my post - the proxy is set and working fine for some calls to the internet

eg check for updates works fine, Musicbrainz tag sources and Freedb tag sources all work fine - just Discogshat gives the error

AlbumArtDownloader is awesome for cover art. Just FYI, the commandline options doesn't need the "" in "%_folderpath%\folder.jpg". I also added autoclose so AlbumArtDownloader will close automatically once you save the cover art with right-click, save. My commandline is:
/artist "%artist%" /album "%album%" /path "%_folderpath%folder.jpg" /minSize 500 /maxSize 3000 /ac

So I've been using google and then copying and pasting covers to my mp3s.

I wonder if that can be added where we just put the song detail or whatever in the cover art option and a window pops up with google images and then you can click and add that as album art?

For the specific Google web source see this thread: