Drop-down shows all Genres instead of Genres in selected files

Select multiple files from multiple artists/albums, etc.

In the Tag Panel, if you select the drop-down arrow next to artist/album/track/year/comment, etc., it only shows the current values of those fields in the selected files.

However, if you click the drop-down next to Genre, it shows all available Genres instead of only the genres of the selected files.

Is this intentional?

I don't see that behavior in the Genre drop-down. If I select a group of files with one genre, then I see that genre, plus and in the list. If I select a group with multiple genres, then only and are in the list.

Perhaps it's dependent on the file type, but I see this with both Mp3 and FLAC files.

I don't know if it is intentional or not, but unlike JJ Johnson, I do see this behaviour for MP3 and FLAC.

I see now why it's different.

Under Tools > Options > Genres I have 'Show only user-defined genres' ticked and my user-defined genre list is blank. A couple of reasons to do this: You can't define more than one genre by using a drop-down box - you have to type at least a part of the entry anyway. And I find it much faster to simply enter the genre manually than use drop-down.

As to the behavior that you see, yes, I'm sure it's intentional.

Thanks for the replies.

The "Show only user-defined genres" is good if you don't want to see a giant list, but I still don't see what's already in use by the selected files.

I guess I was just expecting the Genre field to work the same way as the others by default.

Typical example for me:

  • 2 albums selected.
  • One with Genre as "Electronic", the other "Electronica".
  • Want to change them all to be Electronic.
  • Select all, click Genre, expect to see Blank, Keep, "Electronic" or "Electronica".

I know I could type it in, but I like being able to see what's actually in use, particularly when many more files are selected at once.

This is obviously not critical, but perhaps another option in setup?

Workaround: add a second Genre field to the tag panel


When saving, the value in the second field takes precedence over the first. This effectively disables the original genre field dropdown.