I've been looking for a program that will scan my music files and find duplicate music files. Does any version of Mp3tag offer that ability...or is it expected that a new version will.

If that ability is currently incorporated in this nifty program, I sure can't find it...Could you please enlighten me? Thanks


MP3tag only looks at each file individually and does not compare any data between files.
There are some scripts around that may help together with other programs (use search function for this forum).
Anyway: you would have to clearify for yourself what characterizes a duplicate. The audio data? The title? All of the tags? The length?

Did you know that iTunes lists files it considers as duplicate?
Do you know the program "Similarity" that may find similar files in respect to fingerprint.

Hi and thanks for your response. I have tried Similarity....it installed without a problem...the problems began when I tried to open the program...(it wouldn't start). I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 5 or 6 times with the same unhappy result.

I then took your advice and installed ITunes. I do believe that I was able to delete almost all of the duplicates that way.

thanks again for your suggestions!!