Duplicating tags between file & tag types


A bit of a lurker & a first time poster...

I love what I've discovered about the program so far. I have a (for me) difficult tagging problem that I hope the community can help me solve.

I maintain 2 copies of every song in my music collection, one is an APE/APL version tagged with APEv2 for home playback. The other copy is an m4a-AAC-encoded version with MP4 tags. All of the AAC-encoded files were converted from their APE originals by foobar2k using the iTunes encoder.

My problem is that I would like to keep the tags of both versions in sync. 99% of the time, the APE file will have the correct tags, I just need a way to automatically transfer the information from the APE file (tagged APEv2) to the AAC file (currently tagged MP4). The AAC file must retain full compatibility with iTunes.

Now, it looks like I can load up each directory and copy the APE file's information and paste it onto the AAC file's information, but I want to make sure I have the read/write options of Mp3tag setup correctly.

Finally, is there a way this process could be automated? 15,000 files are a lot of tags to copy/paste....

Any guidance will be appreciated!


Well, there isn't anything you can configure for M4A files since they can only hold M4A metadata. A few Mp3tag versions ago, I had some problems playing back M4A files tagged by Mp3tag on an iPod Shuffle because the crappy device is too dumb to look for tags at the end of the files and thinks the files are corrupt or something. Anyways, if I recall correctly, Florian did change the M4A writing functions and I think these changes should no longer cause trouble (I am not 100% though since I never tested - I switched back to MP3).

As for your batch question - you could load all APE files, sort them by filename or title or whatever, copy all tags, load the M4A files, apply the same sorting as for the APEs and then paste the tags. This should be the most simple solution if you don't want to bother with creating an export configuration which you can use to create a text file importable by the Text file - Tag converter.