Easiest way to copy the composer tags from one album to another

What is the easiest way to copy the composer tags (there are several composers) from one album to another, e. g. from a 24/96 album to a normal flac album?

If you want to copy all tags from one set of files to another, use the copy tag / paste tag function which works not only for a single file but also for a set of files - provided source files and target files are the same in number and order.

To copy a single field requires the export to a text file and re-import.

If you don't want to copy the complete tags of the files, you can also copy individual fields (also multiple fields) from one file to another via the extended tag dialog (via right-click menu on the fields or Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).

Thanks Florian!
There is no problem to Copy and Paste via the Extended Tag Dialog, but I think this does not work if there are several composers.

Thanks ohrenkino!
If I hit Export, Export configuration, I choose txt_taglist, Export file name: mp3tag.txt.
Then I go to Actions Quick, Import text file, Field: I choose "COMPOSER", Filename: mp3tag.txt.
But all fields are imported and not only the Composer Tag.

Looks like you haven't tried it. Just select the composers from the fields list, copy and paste them to the other file.

I think I've misread your post. You probably have different files where the composer possibly differs from one file to the other.

I would create a dedicated export with just the field %composer%.
Use $loop(1,1) to keep the order in which you found the data.
Select the source files and execute the export script.

Then select the target files and use Convert>Text file-Tag.

That's right! Different files with different composers.

How do you create a dedicated export?

Use one of the template reports and make a copy.
Then open it to edit it.
remove everything after the first $loop.
Replace the $loop(... with
Save the new report and try it.

Thanks, I'll try this. But, as I am new to mp3tag, where do I find these template reports?

I think you found the basic place already. In that dialogue you find the functions to copy and edit one of these templates.
I would use one that produces a plain text just like the one you found already.

I edited one of the templates and saved it as "composer".
It looks like:


Is that correct?

Almost but the mistake is on my side:
It should read
$loop(1) instead of

I exported the composers to mp3tags.txt, which contains all composer names. So far so good.

But now I have troubles with the import.
I go to Actions Quick, Import text file.
As "Field", I choose "composer", as Filename the file mp3tags.txt.
And the he adds ALL the composer names in the composer tag of every file.

This time it was no error on my side:

No error indeed from your side.
I wanted to import, but I have to use Convert etc..
It works!
Thanks for your help!

To write an export formula for %composer%:

  1. Find the Export button on the top menu bar
  2. Click it and menu box opens
  3. Select "txt_taglist" and first create a copy using the Copy button in the menu on the right. Rename it to whatever you want.
  4. Using the new file, click the Edit button in the menu on the right
  5. Edit it as follows. The syntax starts with "$filename(New export file.txt,utf-8)" which defines the ascii filename that will be created. On the next lines I wrote:
    $loop(%_path%)%track% - %composer%

Get ready for export.

  1. Select the filename and path where you want the exported ascii data to be saved
  2. Execute the export

Open the ascii file in a text editor a QC it.
My export file contains track number and composer(s). Track number is there so I have something to key on when import it. Here is an example from the Album Animalize by Kiss:
1 - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
2 - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
3 - Gene Simmons
4 - Paul Stanley, Mitch Weissman
5 - Gene Simmons
6 - Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Desmond Child
7 - Paul Stanley, Jean Beauvoir
8 - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman
9 - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman

Import it as follows:

  1. Select the mp3 files you want the data to be imported into
  2. In the top menu bar find the buton Text File - Tag
  3. Navigate to fhe folder where your exported ascii file is and select it
    In my case: Z:\Music\Kiss\Animalize\Aimalize track-composer.txt
  4. Write a format statement: %track% - %composer%
  5. Preview it. You may need to edit out some blank lines at the top and bottom of the ascii file. When everything looks OK, execute the import.
  6. QC it and you are done :slight_smile:
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