Easy Editing of titles would be helpful

Hello All,

I find your software great, (started today).

How do I best search and replace text globally in many selected Titles.
(e.g. I had the name 1.Teil in the title going up to 90. Teil, and as my car mp3 player does not understand "." I had to replace all the 90 "." with ",", which took some time)
Is it possible to select all the 90 titles and do a global replacement of "." to "," ?
If not could this be implemented in the future?

The "." and "," is only an example, I think if you want to replace many instances it would be very helpful.

Thanks again, a great tool so far.

best regards


As a today Mp3tag newcomer you should become some more familiar with Mp3tag's inner qualities.
Take a look into the help file, try to understand the examples, read and search the forum, and especially for your current problem, try to understand how an action 'Tag Field Formatting' by using the function ...


... may help to solve the problem.


No need for scripting or "Format value" action here. Just create a plain "Replace" action and read the FAQs for more information: Actions


thanks a lot for this fast reply!!!