Easy way to Rate Music?


Is there any way i can add ratings to my music files quickly and easily with mp3tag?
E.g. 3 stars

Im not after anything cryptic, just a a straight up 1-5 rating


Here is a thread on a similar topic:

yowzer! Thanks but im just after something very easy for lamens like me to use for ratings. I guess mp3tag does have that feature out of the box

The problem is not so much MP3tag but the target player.
See the help on the supported fields and esp. the field POPULARIMETER:

All ratings are stored in the field POPULARIMETER but stored in different formats (e.g. number, stars, pattern with |, even decimals)

It also depends on the file format. If your files happen to be FLAC (Vorbis Comments), then the tag is RATING and you can use a simple rating of 1-5 digits as you require. Should be supported by UPnP servers/players. On portable and car players, support for "advanced" tags is often hit-and-miss - you have to test with your own player as ohrenkino hinted.

Understood, I've read a few threads actually about the different formats used by different players. Its a minefield and to be frank i haven't decided upon a player, at least for my PC, yet.

I was using MusicBee but it incessantly corrupted my files and i had to fix them over and over again with mp3tag. As such I've dropped it and now trialing different media library software that can handle id3 v2.4 tags.

I guess i was hoping to use mp3tag as a substitute for a true player/manager software hence i was looking to rate my music directly.

If you want to use MP3tag for the time being, then you are free to do whatever you want.
Create a column for the field and value %popularimeter% and type in the number stars that you find appropriate.
And with the background knowledge that you already have, 5 stars should be enough.
Once you found out which player you want to use, you can use MP3tag (and the scripting functions) to transform the stars into a suitable format, if necessary.

But: a lot of players do not evaluate the rating field but accept only their own internal settings. iTUnes is one of them.

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Thats a good idea thankyou @ohrenkino

Ratings are clearly a minefield... well ID3 tagging is a minefield in general but i think this is a good idea to rate my music in MP3tag until i select a library software. Unfortunately there are always concessions trying to get different software packages to play nice. Both MB and MM have screwed my tags up in the past now but everything else out there is well.. crap.


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