Editing Composers

Have three thousand odd mp3's that I need to edit from:

Adamson, Stuart, Jobson, Richard


Stuart Adamson / Richard Jobson


I need to reverse each name, then replace the remaining comma between them with a / (with a space either side of it)

Can anybody help me?

Many Thanks


Press F3 and enter

"COMPOSER" MATCHES "[^\,]+\,\s{1,2}[^\,]+"

This will find the pattern you are requiring but be careful. Make sure you have the COMPOSER column shown so you can see what you are changing when you run the below action.

The use action type:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp($regexp(%composer%,'([^,]+),\s{1,2}([^,]+),*(\s{1}|$)',$2 $1 / ), / $,)
Run in batches but if you are confident that they match your requirement then do them all. Ctrl Z is your friend.

Wow, many thanks. Worked a treat!

Just been doing some experimenting. Am I right in thinking that this will work with any string of names, no matter how many in the string?


Yip, It will as long as you have your original format.

Last name, First name, Last name, First name, Last name, First name etc etc

Thanks! 20,000 or so more to sort!