editing files for sequential order

I am trying to sequentially renumber (in bulk) my music files when I put them on a usb thumb drive.

Here is the issue I'm trying to solve: on CD #1 I have (for example) track 01, and on CD #2 I also have track 01. WHen I put both CDs on the thumb drive, I am looking for the tracks to play in sequential order. However, the program always reads and plays track 01 from CD #1, followed by track 01 from CD #2.

I would like to be able to load the tracks into a program, put them in the correct order that I'd like to have them played, and the have the program re-number them all sequentially. Following the example in the above paragraph, if there are 15 tracks on CD #1, the ultimate goal would be to have track 01 on Cd #2 become track 16 (and so on..) .

I have heard that mp3tag will do this. is that accurate? THANKS!!

see this thread on the discnumber and track number problem, how to merge and how to separate them: