Editing mp3 files acording to the CD player requirements

Recently I burnt some CD so I can listen to some music while driving my car. My CD player plays the music but I would like to see which track are being played. The screen does not show it up. Track/album/artist titles are unknown but my PC shows it up. I looked into my CD player specifications and founded a page where supported formats were written. Downloaded Mp3tag and tried to modify my files in options menu acording to the requirements. I saw a video tutorial on YouTube and i copied the steps. Unfortunately it did not show any information on my CD player screen. There are some terms which I do not understand. Can somebody tell me please how to do it correctly? What check and uncheck in options menu?
Also I need to mention that after saving I burnt it in Windows Media Player. Does it effect the results?

My CD player specifications

Supported formats:
-USB or memory file format: FAT32 //probably not important
-MP3 bit rate(date rate): 32-320 Kbps and VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
-Directory nesting up to a maximum of 8 levels
-Number of albums/folders: 99 (Max)
-Number of tracks/tittles: 999 (Max)
-ID3 tag v2.0 or later
-File name in Unicode UTF8 (maximum length: 128 bytes)

Unsupported MP3 Disc Format:
-Empty albums:an empty album is an album that does not contain MP3 files, and is not be shown in the display
-Unsupported file formats are skipped. For example, Word documents(.doc) or Mp3 files with extension.dlf are ignored and not played
-AAC,WMV,PCM audio files

Supported MP3 Disc Format:
-ISO9660, Joliet
-Maximum title number: 512(depending on file name lenght)
-Maximum album number: 255
-Supported sampling frequencies: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
-Supported Bit-rates: 32-320Kbps and variable bit rate

Thank you for your answers.

This does not say a lot about the tags.
If the tags still do not show, see
about the tag encoding.

Thank you very much. I wont be able to burn new CD until 2 weeks so I will write later if it worked or not.

Is this OK?
What does the APE mean? Should I worry about it?

What you might check is if the player supports UTF-16 for ID3v2.3. If in doubt, this default setting should be changed to ISO-8859-1 for a test disk. From your screenshot I see you may have already done that. Don't forget to save the files after changing that option.

Ok I will test that thanks.

So I just tested the UTF-16 ID3v2.3 option and it did not work. Also I forgot to mention that I already tried the ISO-8859-1 option before I registered on this forums and it also did not work. I followed this tutorial on youtube:


The settings for best results are usually:
read and remove for all tag types (you are currently missing the V2 remove)
write only V1 and V2.

Also, you should check your files for integrity (just as a precaution) with mp3val and/or mp3diags and or foobar2000 (all freeware).

Just to be clear, the CD is being burned as a data CD, right? If you are burning an audio CD, where you have just ~74 minutes of audio only, not files, then your tags will not matter.

You might try different burning software. I use ImgBurn.

I already tried ImgBurn. ImgBurn writes CD-TEXT not ID3 on disc. Here is a link to the ImgBurn forum where I discussed this problem. My CD player does not support CD-TEXT.


What do you burn: native CD format (often called music CD) or a data disc with mp3 files on it?
The native CD format does not support any tags. Additional information can only be stored in CD-TEXT.
What does your car player show?

I burned native CD format. Edited tags in Mp3tag as mentioned above and burned in Windows Media Player as a audio CD. So I guess I need to burn it as a data CD? Then it will show all the information...

My car player plays the music but it does not show track name, artist and album. Like so:

Unknown Artist
Unknown Album
Unknown Track

Try to burn it as data cd. Then, hopefully, you will see the tag information.

It worked! Now it shows the information. Thank you all for your help.