Editing tags changes mp3 bitrates to 0kbps in windows explorer


I've noticed after creating tags for my mp3s from their respective filenames [by selecting the option convert: filename>tag] and then clicking save, when I view these same mp3s in windows explorer under the bitrate column the values are all "0kbps" for all the mp3s that have had their tags edited with Mp3tag.

The Mp3tag program seems to have caused windows explorer to change the bitrates from their correct value of 320kbps to 0kbps. When, however, I play them in winamp it shows their correct bitrate value of 320kbps even though windows explorer still displays 0kbps.

Why is it doing this? Is their a way to stop the bitrates from being changed? Or is there a fix to correct all the 0kbps' back to their original correct values bar having to re-rip all the files again?

Apart from this, mp3tag is an absolutely excellent program and it would be a shame to stop using it because there isn't a way to prevent the changing of the bitrate values.

Thanks for your help!!


I don't think that the bitrate has been changed. Can you send me one file for analysing the issue?