Elements of Filepath for Tags

OK, I just started using MP3Tag, it looks great.

I have all my music on a QNAP Server which also runs SqueezeCenter. All the files are organised in logical folders the way I want them but none of the tags are of any use.

I want to use the same musics files on iTunes but because the tags are useless the music is not organised in iTunes.

I tried to use a Custom Action to add the Folder path to the Genre Tag. So I now have \\Squeezecenter\public\music\Ghazal\Marasim. Marasim being the Album Name.

How do I now use this data to:

  1. Trim the text d=so it is just \Ghazal\Marasim
  2. Use part of the filepath i.e. Ghazal and to add to another Tag field e.g. Comemnts

Then I will have to figure out how to get this info into iTunes

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Does this entry from the FAQ answer your question?

How to import parts of the folder structure into the tag (Directory to Tag)

Yes, I have been looking at his all afternoon. This section seems to be what I need to do:
It's also possible to import information from the directory structure of the file path where the backslash character is used to mark the different directories. For example, the information from the path Amon Tobin[2000] supermodified\02 - For Ton Mantis.mp3 can be imported using
%artist%[%year%] %album%\%track% - %title%

Of course, sometimes it's also needed to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder for the uninteresting part of the file path.

But I cannot get it to work. Under the Conver menu I only have Filename - Tag but I need Foldername - Tag. How do I do that.

When I Tag the Comments Tag with Foldername I get this:


I just need to use the "Others" and "Charka" values in the tag. Please help.


It's possible with Filename - Tag. Have you tried something like

That worked. Thanks!


There is a caveat to using relative directories. The new directories are written to the drive where MP3Tag resides, not the directory where the files were originally located. For instance, a file on K:\music has been renamed as \%artist%\%artist% - %title%. MP3Tag resides on C:. The file will be written to "C:\%artist%\%artist% - %title%" when one expected it to be written to "K:\music\%artist%\%artist% - %title%"

I don't know if this is a bug or an undocumented feature. :flushed:


I just did another test and relative directories work IF you don't put the leading "" in the string format. So to get the artist\%artist% - %title% structure added to the directory you are working in, use "%artist%\%artist% - %title%" to get "K:\music\%artist%\%artist% - %title%"

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