Empty tag-field in "FLAC / Vorbis Comment" tag?

I have a simple question about the FLAC / Vorbis Comment tag.

Is it allowed that a "FLAC / Vorbis Comment" contains a tag field, which is empty?
In German: Ist es erlaubt, dass ein "FLAC / Vorbis Comment" ein Tagfeld enthält, was leer ist?

I have to ask because there is a FLAC file, which contains four tag-fields ...
... after applying the M3tag action "Import tag-fields (guess values)".

The four tag-fields have been created by the action "Import tag-fields (guess values)" using ...
Source string: "~B~C~~~"
Mask string: "%ITEM1%~%ITEM2%~%ITEM3%~~~%ITEM4%"
(without the quotation marks).

I am surprised because it works differently than the MP3 tag.

When I open the dialog "Extend Tags..." and remove one of the two empty tag-fields, then both empty tag-fields will be removed at once.

It looks like a buggy behaviour in Mp3tag, but I am not sure because I do not know how Mp3tag works with the tags internally for MP3 and FLAC.


Hi! What a coincidence!
I was just about to report this very same bug. In my opinion it is clearly a bug, because the behaviour of leaving blank fields only happens when you use the Guess Values Type Action.
If you use the Format Type Action, it doesn't happen and this is very annoying actually.

I just found out that on My Natural Case Format Actions, and I'll have to find a turn around. But it won't be easy, because that means using extra commands or checking each field individually which completely ruins the purpose (simplicity and efficiency) of a Guess Values Type Action. :frowning:

I think this thread should move to the But Section so that Florian can see it. :slight_smile:
I'm just about to report another bug, and I'll mention this thread. :wink:

This still hasn't been solved, so I was wondering if there's some workaround for deleting blank tags that can be done in an action group?

Is sufficient to save the files once again after the action.
Then the empty tag-fields are deleted.

This has been fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.81c.

Kind regards
– Florian