EN.ZIP beta file



Please can you make a EN.ZIP availeble ?
I speak dutch but my german is not good ?
The 1.13 en.zip gave some errors on the beta version.



Hello again :),

the language-files are already included in the Mp3tag distribution. For using english language, simply choose 'English' from the bottom of the components list in Mp3tag Setup.

~ Florian



Thanks, perhaps in a hurry I had'nt seen, but it works great !



ok i am still not understanding how you convert to english... i am not seeing it anywhere..?


Sorry, but I don't understand what do you mean with 'convert'.

To use the english language file, you have to choose 'English' on the bottom of the components window in the setup of Mp3tag.

~ Florian


yeah, i am asking how to get the program to use the english language.. and i cant find this "components window", or the "setup" of this app. I have found the setup, but it doesn't say "english" anywhere in there.. maybe a picture would help me out?


Okay, the 'setup' is the installation file of Mp3tag. It's the file you've downloaded from the internet.

This is the components window:

Select 'English' to use english language within Mp3tag.

I hope this helps.

~ Florian


Hi Florian.

I can't believe my eyes !! :astonished:
You have already a new version of mp3Tag ?
Wow !! You're faster then Speedy Gonzales. ;D
-- Respect --



ok thanks got it now, i thought you could switch to english after you installed the program..