Entry Field panel gone missing

I know its a dumb question, but I've started using mp3tag after a long absence (this time on an iMac) and after several hours successful use, the large Entry Field Panel to the left of the main page has just disappeared....what have I done!?

I know you can bring up a new moveable panel, but it's very small. I'd like to restore the original panel, but I can't find anything in FAQ's

I do not quite know what you mean by this.
You can show or hide the Tag Panel Ctrl-Q (or the menu View).
If you have a free floating tag panel, grab the part of the window with the "x" and drag it to the preferred position in the main window.

Hi ohrenkino, I’ll try to explain a bit better.

I’ve just looked at the Mp3tag configuration on my old Windows laptop to compare with the now changed configuration on my iMac (both v2.91). The Windows layout of the main Mp3tag is what I had on my iMac - the tag panel with the boxes: Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track, Genre, Comment, Directory, Album Artist, Composer, Disc Number and a square box for the album art, is on the left and PART of the main window, not a separate floating panel. The ‘floating’ panel, which is all I can seem to open, has a bar to the right to bring up all the fields into view as they can’t all be seen at the same time which I find very annoying. The tag panel on my laptop (and the one I had on my Mac) does not seem to be able to be moved by the mouse.

Hope this helps

BTW, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and the same ‘changed’ window comes back.

You can now edit the fields in the tag panel.
So see if you get your preferred layout back.
See Tools>Options>Tag Panel.

And if this was not quite it, then please show in a screendump where you see the problem.

While I was taking a screenshot of the window as described, the window then morphed into a window similar to the original, but with the ‘fixed’ panel along the top as shown below. It’s now gone back to the ‘floating’ panel. Very odd!

I think you have to do some mouse gymnastics now and grab the floating panel ar the top edge of the window and drag it into the main MP3tag window until you see an empty rectangle.
If that rectangle is in the correct position, release the mouse button.

Many thanks for your help ohrenkino. I’ll have a go after my team get knocked out of the Champions League tonight.
BTW, I used to have an Akai 4000D many years ago when cassette recorders were so poor. Finding tracks on digital audio is a bit easier than on the old reel-to-reel!

My team won, but still can't get the tag panel back as I want it. When I drag the floating panel into the main window I can't get an empty rectangle. I can, however, get a rectangle to appear in the main box when the floating box is OUTSIDE.

As you probably have gathered: From the distance, I can't help you with the physical part of this undertaking.
A more radical approach would be to delete the file mp3tag.cfg - at the cost of loosing a lot of other user-settings like filter history or converter strings.
On a WIndows machine there are certain places where you can look for that file, see the FAQs for that:

As I said in my original post, I’m working on an iMac and when I uninstall the app and reinstall it the same main screen appears that I’m trying to change. Clearly, I’ve not properly deleted everything. Anyone know how to clear everything associated with Mp3tag from a Mac?

You need to remove the settings from
/Users/<Your Name>/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_*

This path is also mentioned in this thread:

and some hints how to find the application support path which is hidden by default.

Hi Florian, many thanks for that. I’ve found Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_.......... (I have 2 folders).
Do I just delete these folders in their entirety or do I need to open up anything else to delete and is there anything I should keep. I’m always anxious about deleting important files unnecessarily.

My guess is it’s safe to delete them and reinstall the app.

You'll basically loose all settings (including actions, export configurations, ...).

To make the change minimal, you can simply rename mp3tag.cfg in both folders to _mp3tag.cfg. This way, you always have a path to get back to where you have been before.

Success! I renamed both folders _mp3tag.cfg and reinstalled the app. The main window reappeared as I wanted it. Brilliant. Many thanks Florian - great app BTW.

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