Error editing WMA tags

I'm trying to tidy up my music library. Some are MP3's, a lot are WMA's

On some of my WMA's, when I try to edit the tag, I get the error

"File xxx could not be opened for writing"

The file is NOT read-only and I'm logged on to my machine with administrator permissions.

I've sent an example file to

Any ideas on why this is happening?



How exactly are you reorganizing?

This might help: convert filename - tag error

I'm just editing the tags directly in the list view of MP3Tag

I suspect the problem may have been corrupted tags - it only affected a few files, and I've removed most of them now as I couldn't get around the problem.


the file you've sent to me is totally broken. The Windows Media Audio SDK even refuses to open the file.

Best regards,
~ Florian

OK thanks for the confirmation - the delete button it is!!!