Example to remove track number from TITLE via Regexp

I use a variant of the logic in areve's post from many years back. It strips errant leading track numbers from title tags when I rename the files based on tag info, because I have a specific filename format requirement.

The reason for this was I had a batch of files where the encoding template had incorrectly added a leading whitespace and track numbers to the titles, separated from the actual title with a "." (period/full stop/dot), so this regex in the rename rule fixed it.

It would also work for a tags-from-filename scenario...

Given a file with the following info:

%album%: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
%artist%: The Beatles
%catalogid%: PCS 7027
%track%: 05. Fixing A Hole

%album% $if2(%catalogid% ,"")- $num(%track%,2) -- %artist% - $regexp(%title%,(\s?\d{1,2}\.\s),)

This would rename the file to:
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band PCS 7027 - 05 -- The Beatles - Fixing A Hole.flac

The $regexp logic looks first for an optional whitespace character, then matches between 1 and 2 digits (as some tracks were not tagged with track numbers including a leading zero) then a full stop/period, then another whitespace.

That means %track% is simply rewritten to "Fixing A Hole". However it would also match " 5. Fixing A Hole", " 05. Fixing A Hole", "05. Fixing A Hole" etc.

As always, regexr is useful for live explanations of tags and so on. Above example with some sample data: regexr.com/5tov4

Hi and welcome!

Thanks for your example — I've moved this to a separate topic as I'm still trying to keep the Regular Expressions topic somewhat general. Your example is more of an application of areve's regular expressions to remove track numbers and How to remove/trim leading track numbers? from the FAQ.

I've also noticed that you're mixing %track% and %title% in your example — you probably mean %title%.