Export ALL tags

I'm sorry if this a repost but I have scoured the forums and can't seem to find an answer. I have v2.49 and need to export all available fields. I read thousands of files from different providers which are never formatted the same. It would be great to have all fields dumped into excel so I can do my sorting and cleanup in one swoop.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you. I saw that yesterday but the download is not working for me. Not sure why.

I've added a mirror link.

dano, that is simply beautiful!

After figuring out just how limited my windows tools were, calling my tech savvy other 12 times, updating my windows tools, and memorizing the support forum after reading it 18 times, it worked! This will make things so much easier!! Thank you thank you!

You are the wind beneath my tag cleaning, data ingesting wings.