export config

I spent a few hours working on this.. http://www.p44.org/staff_files/chris/mps/list.html
Wondering if I should release it?

It's your decision. :wink:

realy nice one... i like that... pls can u upload the template?



that really a good one. I would like to have that template, too.

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I'd add it to the Export configuration archive, if you want to share your work.

Best regards,
~ Florian

almost forgot about this lol. I have the line for sort as "SORT=3 2 1 " but it didnt sort it as artist-->album-->song name, but opposite I think. Im gonna upload once I see if reversing this fixes it =)

Yes, try "SORT=1 2 3"

bah forgot AGAIN lol.. here it is, but I keep getting a cannot open file error for the config when I try to generate, even though the file is there :expressionless:


Thanks! Very nice work :slight_smile:

I've fixed the open file error in the configuration and uploaded it as html_tangerine to the Export configuration archive.

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~ Florian

Thanks a lot to you ctnchris for making the script public.

And thanks to you Florian for hosting it.

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