Export Configurations - Suited to Taste

Hi. I realize this is a recurring topic. I apologize to yet recover the issue.

Considering the impressive results of mp3tag, in its ability to both format meta data brilliantly, as well as to serve as a means of browsing a media library, it is no surprise to find numerous User contributed mp3tag compliant files, introduced to the public via this forum, such as the existing export configuration.

Mp3Tag users are fortunate to have a selection of many, well coded .MTE export-to-html configurations available from the stock, as indicated above. My favourite, perhaps biased by nature of its origin, is-- what i believe to be-- the newest offering from Florian, which includes an album preview in the upper-right corner of the HTML view. I've tried those titled as suited for "mixed" playlists, assuming the processing is designed to accommodate a variety of artists, albums, and titles.

Though I am quite pleased with some of the results, it is unfortunate, for me, that my experimentation hasn't served to satisfy, precisely, what i seek in a presentation, after exporting samples using several of the existing export configuration (.MTE) files available for download; for mp3tag.exe Users-- including the XSLT contributed, mp3tag-forum-styled number (which, i suspect, is worthy of further investigation, but hardly as "plug-and-play" as I require, momentarily).

For the accomplishments of the contributing users, I am obliged to remark upon the successful results which I've created through the use of the aforementioned, user-contributed files. It is my own stubborn determination to create a particular format, which leads us to this discussion. I hope my meaning is clear.

Sometimes it's best to just say what we want, right?

I've compiled a list of "Tom Waits (%artist%)" %titles% , of which the individual mp3 media are maintained with a complement of %year%, and %album%, such that-- in mp3tag, and media players (like Foobar2000, MusicBee, etc.), I can organize this playlist, by year-- such that each title will play from the %artist% earliest work, continuing with consecutive playback (if a "shuffle" option is not active), through the various albums, chronologically. In this manner, I am able to consume the media, "by Year", as well as "by Album" as a default function of sorting by year, essentially (unless the date is incorrect, which I maintain is correct trough much tedious effort to compile the most accurate library).

I've tried the .MTE's as designed for mixes, but the output is not quite what I seek. I find the aesthetic of Florian's contribution to be quite pleasing, but the results are the same-- all titles are /lumped/ together, including a singular %album% title as a singular heading (not the case, however with the MTE which comes close to what i seek, in many ways, however I was ultimately unsuccessful in my trials with it as well.

Imagine you've compiled a list-- within mp3tag-- of 30-40 titles, each by the same artist, across his / her / their career, as i've stated herein.
This list is then sorted, by date / year, such that the resulting view is a veritable snapshot of the artist's work, listed chronologically, while each title shows in accordance with its respective, original release, per the title's release as appearing on the respective original album.

Organizing the media, as explained above, using-- not all-- but several of the .MTE's available, it seems I am unable to produce a desired result.

I seek something, preferably as Florian's aesthetic, but instead of resulting in a singular album title, and singular album image-- to have each consecutive %album% as a <h1>, for example in the HTML, as well-- if i may be so bold-- to have the album-image accompany that heading (as in Florian's HTML).

I admit my inquiry may be selfish, for not wishing to preview every available MTE, however-- perhaps there is a User who has not yet compiled, or uploaded the MTE, but has produced the results, as I've explained, I wish to see. so... What have you got?

What might I do with the existing MTE's?...
considering my desired output? (understanding I am satisfactory-to-advanced of skill, in competency with the code, yet i've not taken on such a challenge as to build my own MTE-- judging from those existing, I suspect my time would be for naught, perhaps)

:flushed: :book:

I've made a mod out of the florian export that groups by albums maybe it is closer to your wish:

It might help if you summed your request up in a few lines. (Just what's important)

ha! i enjoy the /book/ bit. yes, i'm well aware of my verbosity. i'm mess'd in the head, man-- seriously-- (rather, honestly), so... well, it's difficult to explain, but it takes me a long time to compose stuff-- and i'm constantly trying to remove what i think at that moment doesn't need to be there. i rarely participate in forums, and never lists, for this reason. blah, blah...
(being a writer, of sorts, the text looks so lifeless to me, if i haven't filled it w/ descriptive stuff-- which i realize is garbage to someone trying to /help/-- it's a mental condition (since a node for M... D... Affective Dis... Recurrent , non existent, this is as close as it comes for presenting the concept). Why do i share this? i reason, why not? kind of like saying, man, i can't do that because i have a broken leg right now, or some such...

indeed, “this dude's got issues!”-- maybe you're familiar w/ the Hendrix song/ genius of "Manic Depression"? i think that's an /old/ term for the same thing, ah-- but i digress...


anyway-- thank you very much, dano, for your prompt, benevolent, and encouraging reply regarding my bull shhhuutt-yo'-mouth, sukka!... i'm just talkin' 'bout Shaft!.
I'm eager to try your new bit here, so -- i'd better get to that, before i author another novella, taking up half of Florian's db, n' all that...

haha-- yeah, sometimes it's cool to be able to come back for replies-- in one-sitting-- you all have had a day, and night, and slept, and all that-- i'm still sitting here...
and it goes on...
sometimes, and
sometimes not so much....

again, your effort is truly appreciated.
I'd saved this for a P.M., as a /thank you/, but since the messaging appears to be disabled, this rev'd illusion shall be publicised:

---Meant for P.M. to Dano---
I invite you D/L all you can stand from my recordings at "http://last.fm/music/sona+[US]" (copy paste, or the brackets get whack-ed, as usually visible by amount of text-turned-hyperlink...) I recommend "Wake Up", and "S..." (crap, what is it?)... oh! "So it Goes -- live at WQWK", it's there somewhere... i forget -- oh "On Airwaves" is the album title.. also http://last.fm/music/e-nation and last, but it is also least: my instrumental guitar crap-- emphasis on the C-r-a-p, but...eh, there's one or two might be a "B-side" worthy... http://last.fm/music/jeff+sabarese

holy cow, man! i keep getting attacked by elvin creatures, n stuff-- just after the preview comes up, after the banana-- but, it looks real cool for a second. i've had enough of the elves. (using "Arora" [webkit], 'cause it opens fast, get in, get out).

Ready to jam on your code, and what the hell-- i should try writing my own, or tweaking on yours, if it doesn't work. Thanks again!

It was Benjamin Franklin, or Walt Whitman, or Emerson, or... who said

"Had I known you wanted it shorter [text], I'd have spent more time on it”

(not verbatim, but the idea is there)

or the sample image at full size
not perfect, but whatever...
i appreciate the template. rock n roll!

i only changed a bit for the album-covers-- to better match my containers. i suspect you'll get the idea:

 @approx line 72 - 74 ...
<td width="25%%" rowspan=4 valign="top" align="right">
 <a href="E:\myMusic_Album-Art-Images\$left(%artist%,1)\\%artist%\\%album%.jpg">
  <img alt="Cover" src="E:\myMusic_Album-Art-Images\$left(%artist%,1)\\%artist%\\%album%.jpg" width="150" height="150" border="0">
</td> This accommodates my preference for maintaining images separate from the music media (e.g. use XnView to view the entire album art of artists beginning w/ the letter "S", or, narrow it down to "Skiffle Kings", or go above and get all the albums of all artists for browsing. 

Indeed-- you laugh, right-- because it didn't actually work, did it! haha-- it's due to local paths vs the hosted path of that screen capture.

i'd rather the "E:\myMusic..." bit, be dynamic, but at the time [and presently] i forget precisely how to perfect it, so i used the hard link to the parent container. whatever!

I've got a message for the action man: i'm happy. hope you're happy too.