Export CSV

Hello all

I'm a relative newbie - so please bear with me.

I wanted to export all my collection to a CSV file
but with the order modified to
%genre%;%artist%;%year%;%album%;%track%;%title%; etc.

So I went to
and there I was a bit too impatient.

Instead of copying the default CSV configuration
and experimenting, I - bright spark that I am -
dived straight in and messed up the default and
now it produces gibberish. And I can't see how to restore it.

Can someone please write out the default CSV
for me to copy back in and, if possible,
help me with the modified version ?

Thanks in advance from Ray

I do not know if there is in Mp3tag delivery version some standard predefined example export script for writing out a textfile in the form of Comma Separated Value convention.

Here are three examples to demonstrate how it goes:

Export CSV (comma) to Excel

$filename(Mp3tag.Export.comma.csv,ANSI)"Titel","Interpret","Album","Track","Tracktotal","Jahr","Dauer","Größe MB","Geändert","Pfad","Dateiname"

Export SSV (semicolon) to Excel

$filename(Mp3tag.Export.semicolon.csv,ANSI)"Titel";"Interpret";"Album";"Track";"Tracktotal";"Jahr";"Dauer";"Größe MB";"Geändert";"Pfad";"Dateiname"

Export TSV (tab) to Excel