Export Default

i am new to mp3tag. i messed up and altered the default csv export file. i would like the default back so i can learn by modifying it to fit my needs. I know, i should have created a copy first! i have tried reinstalling the program, renaming the export folder and reinstalling the program and deleting the export folder and reinstalling the program. all with the same result, i still have my altered csv file. how do i get back the default file? Maybe it would be easiest if someone was kind enough to do a cut and paste and post it here.

fyi: i am trying to export to excel or access (including artwork if possible).


ps - here's what i have at the moment: $filename(csv,utf-16)Artist;Album;Year;

In version 2.44 would someone be willing to go to:
file>export>csv>edit, then copy and paste the text here that shows up in notepad?

it really would be much appreciated,


$loopend()Erstellt am %_date% mit %_app% - dem universellen Tag Editor - http://www.mp3tag.de/


As an aside, not that the default CSV export fails on a property containing EDIT: a semicolon char. Reported at /t/9066/1