Export for printing covers

milkaCdCovers_01_html_Album_Covers_for_Hank.zip (3.38 KB)
This export is same as "milka_CdCovers_01_html_Album_Covers.mte" adjusted for Hank:

  • Year & genre tags are replaced with source tag in back cover
  • Right & left spines are centered
  • No year tag in spines

milkaCdCovers_01_html_Album_Covers_for_Hank.zip (3.38 KB)

Updated "milka CdCovers 01 html Album Covers for Hank.mte" in post up here.

Hank, thanks again for pinting on cover bug. :slight_smile:

Updated again.

Updated milkaCdCovers 01 html Album Covers for Hank !

Updated, check out Hank.

Updated again.

Small and minor fix in Cd Covers Export.
Final version.

I have just improved text editor in Cd Covers export.

This is realy the last update. :blush:

Updated milkaCdCovers 01 html Album Covers for Hank !

Hank requests:

You mean front or back cover, front cover width is 12,2cm (122mm)?




This worked perfect!
2 & 3 & 4 you fixed, thanks.

It's only the width of the cover and back that's different,
maybe something to do with how I print them.


Fixed width of back cover!

Hi Milka!
It's me again.
Been using this cd cover again - seems like the picture on the cover is now
not centered, it is aligned to the right instead...I have a pdf to send if you
want me to.
When you have time...

Have a nice holiday!!

I realize I am using Firefox...can that be the problem?
Also if I have both browsers open, the cover opens in Firefox,
hmmm maybe this is the problem. Also the text editor do not work in
Firefox. i think maybe all your exports are for IE...?
Am I right?

Moderation: Removed full quote of previous post.

Yes they are all made for IE.
Support for other browsers is very bad.