Export - Multiple files

Hi All..

Ive got a custom mp3tag export set up to a specific XML format. its working quite well. However, instead of having 1 file generated (or 1 file per directory) i would like to know if it is possible to have 1 xml file per track generated?

eg. I have 10 files loaded in mp3tag.
Export all 10 to xml.. and have 10 xml files turn up with a name like title-artist.xml or something like that?

This great program appears to do everything! I'm sure there is a way of getting this to happen but I just cant see it, Ive checked the forums and help files but cannot see.

I would really appreciate any help anyone could provide!


Once you have created a proper export script file, which in turn creates one output text file of format XLM or other format, per one track file, then you can apply this export script against each single entry in the Mp3tag listview, step by step.

There is no built in feature in the export section yet, which can create multiple output files at once, one for each input file of a group of files.

But there are two helper applications, which you can try out ...

Dano, Mp3tagLyricsSplitter
Copying lyrics (tags <-> txt)

DetlevD, Mp3tagSplitList


Ok! That makes sense - looks like the tools you have suggested will get me by for now.

Thanks very much!