Export Sorting list different to Mp3Tag view

The Exported list of files created in MP3TAG.CSV are in a different order to the onscreen Filename view. This is caused by incorrect/inconsistent handling of single name files (e.g. One.mp3) and numbered files (e.g. 001.mp3) with others (e.g. One Day.mp3, 01 intro.mp3).

This means an exported filename list cannot be exported, cleaned up, and imported as TitleTag - the import list will be out of sync.

Attached are supporting Screenshots:
MP3Tag-1 = Sorted filename view in MP3Tag (look where the files 001.mp3, one.mp3 and high.mp3 are in the sort order)
MP3Tag-2 = MP3TAG.CSV viewed in Notepad (notice the reordered filelist)
MP3Tag-3 = CSV filename column viewed within Excel (no additional sorting or processing)
MP3Tag-4 = Import TXT file created from Excel filename list (no changes made for this example)
MP3Tag-5 = MP3Tag import Preview showing out-of-sync filenames

Now, before anyone shouts out "Just use Excel to sort the filename column" - it doesn't produce the same sort order as required.

MP3Tag-6 = Excel sort on Filename column

I have attached ZIP file containing all the files inc 'tiny' mp3 files in the folder structure so you can reproduce this bug.

I have nearly 10,000 files, in many various depths of subdirs - so please don't suggest I manually reorder the export list! I've created this example merely to prove my point.

Radio.zip (402.3 KB)

... the other 3 screenshots...

I think this is related to two different sorting criteria used between file-list sorting and export-file sorting.

You're probably using %_filename% as sorting criteria in the file list (you can check via "View > Customize columns... > Filename") and %_filename_ext% with the first $loop() in the export configuration.

To make this consistent, you can double-click on the CSV export configuration to open it in a default editor and change $loop(%_filename_ext%) to $loop(%_filename%).