Export To HTML Question(s)

Q1 - I have loaded all of my MP3's / folders, I sorted them by Artist, now I want to export them to html but limit how many tracks per HTML page say 300. Rather than having 1 VERY LONG list I would have multiple htmls


Page#01 has 300 tracks (Link) "Next page"
Page#02 Starts with track 301 & so on

Q2 - Is there a way to add a letter separator every time a letter in the Alphabet changes?

Example: Separator on top on list "A" all artist with the letter A appears, until letter "B" & so on

Top of list "A"
Alpha - Song (All songs that start with A)
Top of list "B"
Beta Song (All songs that start with :sunglasses:
Top of list "C" (All songs that start with C)
& so on.. A friend has it with his itunes, thought it looked cool, but I don't care to use itunes

All in a a HTML appearance like html_nickless_javasort_popup (http://download.mp3tag.de/export/html_nickless_javasort_popup.html) I love the color scheme...

Q3 - Similar to the"Play" feature in html_nickless_javasort_lite, having a check box that would collectively make a playlist based on ALL the tracks checked within the html (s)

Thank you

I just made an Export to HTML (for viewing Lyrics) myself and even though I've collapsed everything but the Artist name in the list with Javascript the large number of Artist in my collection does make for a very long list, too.

I haven't really attacked this problem yet and I know how I could do this manually, but like you I'm wondering if there could be a way to automate it.

The export setting only appears to be able to do 1 file per directory; so if you moved your files in to different directories (say one per letter or group of sequential letters) you would be able to generate the raw data for each page. You would then need to manually create the 'index' page which links to the pages generated.

You apparently can also limit your output, for example to 300 files by using this feature of the loop:

"The export setting only appears to be able to do 1 file per directory", Correct, but you need to select the files you want to create a list, then export to HTML.

The files are spread out over a drive already in "folders" where I would like them, so moving into another "folder" or "group" is not a choice for me.

"limit your output" Limiting the number to export from the HTML code worked, but not what I was looking for. The idea was / is to have a collective list of ALL in alphabetical order via title or artist by "Alphabetical Letter" (Ex: "A", "B" and so on) but limited only "X" (Ex: 300) to a page until all is exported.

Thank you for your input.

Still open for other suggestions :book:

So, you want separate HTML pages for every, say, 300 tracks, arranged by letter ... or separate HTML pages arranged by letter, but limited to 300 tracks per page?

The only ideas I have on how to accomplish something like this is using css and/or javascript to hide most of the content of the output page until you click on a part of the menu that reveals the hidden content. I don't know of any way Mp3tag can be made to create a full interlinked web archive consiting of multiple pages; unless you separate the output by directory and name each page output based on something pulled from the tags ... but I'd have to imagine you'd still need to build the index page yourself. Unless...

Say you have your files in 27 directories, sorted #-A-Z. You write your export script so that each letter group's html file will be named "(something) X.html" where X is pulled from the first letter of the last name of the artists in that directory. You include in your export script an HTML menu at the top that links to all the different letters' HTML files. When the export is done, hopefully you have 27 different files that all link to each other.

If you don't like the alphabetical thing, perhaps base the export file name on the directory name. Shouldn't really matter. You just need to find a way to make it different but predictable for each directory.

This assumes the filename can be created dynamically from tags or $GetEnv ... I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else done anything like this? I haven't tried many of the settings listed at



[Edit to add] I just started playing with this so I have very little idea what is possible yet, so take everything I said with a healthy dose of salt!

[Edit further to add] I do like the idea of not needing to keep the entire archive in one file. My lyrics export setting, which I've so far tried out on about 5,500 tracks with full song lyrics, results in a file that is about 10MB in size, and when fully expanded does slow down the browser a bit. People with massive collections might have problems. Plus, mine is still pretty simple ... no frames, tables, span borders, or anything visual like that. Just a plain accordionable list. It's a work in progress ... I do hope to make many more tweaks to it yet.

Thanks for the reply, I took a look at those HTML's before, some are VERY awesome [Great work dano], but again not what I am looking for.

I can easily make an index page for navigation which would be a given, but that's not the issues at hand. This 1 is good too & close [/t/7924/1 to the idea. I can manually make this happen, but hoping for something "Automatic".

I am trying to make it easier to view instead of thousands of "Lines" on a single HTML. I don't have lyrics or pic's, just a list with some general tag details.

Thanks again.. http://forums.mp3tag.de/style_emoticons/default/book.gif

I just looked at that one and while it again outputs just one HTML file, it does nicely separate the track listing sections by folder hierarchy. If you like the way that one looks, but, for example, only want to show one year's list at a time, you could do that by putting each year in its own div with the CSS property "display:block" and a use javascript to dynamically change the property to "display:none" on page load (so no list items appear at first) ... and then individually reveal each year or section on demand one at a time. I would think you could easily handle 10,000 lines or more like this in a single file, when you don't include pictures or lyrics. I'm still very new at this so there may of course be other ways of doing the same thing, but this is the first thing I figured out that works for me in what I'm trying to do. The version of my export settings posted so far just has a long list of all the artists in the export, and then you can click on them to see that artist's albums, click on albums to reveal track listings, click on tracks to reveal lyrics, etc. The one I'm working on now allows "expand/collapse" all, but fully expanded a large collection is a HUGE long list so I'm working to break it up into shorter segments, as you seem to want to, too. I'm pretty sure it is possible. I think this would solve the "easier to view" problem.

Is the way your files are distributed in folders anything like the way you want them sorted in your output HTML? Or could the sort be determined from the tag detail?

Everything is sorted & this fantastic program [mp3tag] lets you sort it the way you want it so, it's ready to rock. BTW: I can do BASIC HTML but have far less knowledge of Java & CSS.

Thanks again, keep me posted.. :w00t:

I finally posted that new export settings file I was working on. Check it out here:


See if the way I break down the list into single letter pages with javascript would work for you (with the technique adapted to any other way you'd want them broken down).

This is the best way of doing a menu and making a single .html file look like more than one that I've come up with yet; but then again, I still haven't downloaded any of the other guy's scripts yet. Plan to do that soon.

I'd be interested to hear what you think...