export total time

Thanx for this great software. It does exactly what I want!!

But I just have a minor question: when I export my tracklist, I include at the end as footerline the command: %_total_time%. This returns a time like this:
4 Dagen, 11:24:34, this means: 4 Days and 11:24:34 in dutch, but I put my tracklist on an English site, so I want it without the dutch, how can I change this to English. Or it would even be better if it would show just in numerical, like: 107:24:34. Is this possible?

Thankx again!

The latest Development Build now features a %_total_time_raw% placeholder.

Best regards,
~ Florian

:slight_smile: Thanx Florian, I just checked it out and it's exactly the way I wanted it. :slight_smile:

I also noticed that the tracknumbers of my wma files show correctly now, I was still using version 1.17 and I didn't know you fixed that one too. GREAT!!