Export with embeded Windows Media Player

milkaComplete_01_html_Album_Overview_for_asokaa2006.zip (13.7 KB)milkaComplete_04_html_Mix_List_for_asokaa2006.zip (8.22 KB)
This exports are same as "milkaComplete_05_html_Mix_List.mte" adjusted for asokaa2006:

  • embeded Windows Media Player (supported only by Internet Explorer 4.0 and up)

milkaComplete_01_html_Album_Overview_for_asokaa2006.zip (13.7 KB)

milkaComplete_04_html_Mix_List_for_asokaa2006.zip (8.22 KB)



Updated again.
Changed filenames and steps in help in Complete Exports!

Last update.
Fixed some smal and minor bug. This is the final version.