Exporting Tags

I am trying to export all my tags information including the full path and filename and BPM in text or CSV format. The options that come with the program only gives some of the information. How can I get it to export the rest of the information I want.

Thanks you for any help.


If you check out the docs/help/FAQ, and search the forums for "export" you can see how to do it yourself.

However there's really no need - I've found Mp3tagCompleteTags to be the bee's knees, creates a file containing columns for every tag/field in the data set you're exporting, probably including dozens you're not even aware you've got in there, buried in outlier singletons. Excellent for regular backups of one's (I've discovered fragile) tags-as-data-store, as well as for re-purposing the data in other apps.

CSVfix is a great tool for the conversion of their output to proper CSV, and also selecting/re-ordering the data set to get it into a well-structured form, perhaps a minimal column set specific to each use case, and you can use CSVed for massaging the data itself (as opposed to the database structures) further if needed. See this post for some ideas of a current project of mine in this area.

Please note that if you have fields that contain data with linebreaks (e.b. UNSYNCEDLYRICS) you would have to convert them to a single line either prior or during export.
See e.g.