Exporting Text

How do I export text to an xls or csv file using distinctive columns for each so they can be sorted? I've tried to modify the string in one of the existing export options however I've never attempted this before and I've not been successful.

Sorted in what application?

If you export as csv then the column delimiter will be a semi-colon. If you want to import this as text into Excel just designate it as delimited text and set the semi-colon as the delimiter. It's also easy to modify the csv export definition file to use tabs as delimiters. if that makes it any easier for you with Excel.

Could you give an example of your modifications? It is much easier to give advice and point to crucial things.

Also: it is not necessary to sort externally, you can click on a column header to sort.

Isn't this the same question as in post
You did not answer back then - as all the information is already in your original post I would suggest that this thread gets deleted.