Exporting to Excel

Hi, I want to send a friend a copy of my music library tags (part-edited already in MP3Tag) so she can edit each tag-field one by one - the csv option only seems to export each song as a 1-liner and therefore doesn't allow for editing - how to email it to her so she can edit the tags one by one and send back to me? She's Thai and explaining how to instal/edit in MP3Tag isn't an option, :unsure: thanks

That is the CSV format. How do you get the idea that you cannot edit such a file?
Read the file into Excel and you get a list of fields.
What you have to do, is to make sure that all the fields are included in the export.
Also you have to take care about fields that have linebreaks - these usually cause irritation as the linebreaks are output as end-of-record characters.

see this thread for an export of all tags

excellent! the key was installing that extra file - I didn't know how to add the special parameter but it didn't matter - after right-clicking on the files to be exported, I did Ctl-E and it brought up all the extra options. The one I need was 002 csv tag dump utf-16
I now have an Exel file with all the tags neatly split for editing
thanks again Ohrenkino!