Extended Tags Discogs



       Great program , very handy but i'm in the dark on the extended tags and writing them to the mp3. 

I can see all the extended discog tags, everything is there but the only data it writes to the mp3 is :

year, artist , title, album etc. Standard.

I would like to be able to put in the DISCOGS_CATALOG into comment or somewhere else. I can't for the life of me work it out. I can see the discogs_catalog and everything else in the extended panel window i just can't get it into the mp3. Confused.

I might add that i've changed the tag options to write ID3v2 etc, still no joy.


If you see it in the Extended Tags view, it is written in the mp3.

from the FAQs:
You can also add additional file list columns for extended tag fields via View > Customize Columns... and edit the tag fields directly in the file list.

You can also add more tag fields to the tag panel via File > Options > Tag Panel.


Action: Format Value
Formatstring: %discogs_catalog%

Or you might try out my web script which you can edit in such a way that the catalog number is directly written into the COMMENT field:

Hi mate thanks for reply

I installed your script the other day actually. I'll try what you suggested and let you know how I get on



I must of been to scared to push the actions button before , I never went that far in :w00t:

Thanks again! :music: