Extract and create cover files for a large number of folders

Hi, when we have a large number of music album folders, but in these folders we want the album cover to be extracted from the tracks and stored in the same folder with the desired name, such as " Album_cover" or " Folder " , the solution for a large number of folders What is ?

You can create a new action from type "Export cover to file".
As the help says "You can use placeholders like %artist% and %album% in the format string."

Then this answer can maybe help you:

Thanks, suppose we have a large number of music albums in the form of a large number of folders, but the names of these album folders are not consistent and correct. That is, the names of some are based on the name of the album and others are the year of publication, artist, etc ..., and in fact the naming pattern of the albums is not the same and harmonious.
Now they can be moved to a new path and foldered based on their tags in a new format and structure in new directoris. And the names of the folders have the same pattern, but the problem is that in the current or initial state, when the names of the folders do not fit and match, inside some folders there are images called cover or folder cover or a folder containing different covers of an album. That remain in the previous directory and are not moved, is there a way to get the images and folders that are in the albums folder in the original state. Move to a new directory?

If the new folder names come from the tags, then, with MP3tag, do not rename the files first but rename the _DIRECTORY and then the files.
As soon as you rename a folder, all the files inside the folder are moved to the new folder.
Yet, if the covers are embedded, you simply don't have to care about which files are left over in the old folder but you then can export the cover pictures in the new folder.
So, there are several options.