extract cover art from multiple directories

Howdy everyone. I have just started looking into using all these great export configuration options for generating a list of my music library.

One hurdle I've hit is that all my cover art is simply saved as part of the ID tag in each file -- the album directories do NOT have a cover.jpg or folder.jpg file in them. And so, any export configuration I try omits my cover art because the configuration is always looking for a .jpg in the album's directory.

QUESTION: Is it possible to mass extract all the album art to save discretely into the corresponding album directories?

I've got about 600GB of mp3s, and I'm just trying to avoid having to go through every directory one by one and extract its album art into its directory.

Is there a way to do this in bulk to all of my album directories?


[Alternatively, maybe it's possible to edit the export configurations to pull the cover art from the ID tag?]

Any help would be welcome ... thanks again.

Make a new action
Use the action type Export cover to file
As format string use Folder to create a Folder.ext image in each directory. Extension is added automatically.

EXCELLENT! Thanks for the help! That worked like a charm ... and saved TONS of time too! HA!