[F] Cannot drop dragged files from a Plain View selection from FreeCommander



Mp3tag: 2.87
FreeCommander: XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public
OS: Windows 7 x64

In filehandler FreeCommander there is this option of making a Plan View: all sub-folders disappear and all of the files from them are presented as if there are stored in one folder; even if the filenames repeat themselves [which of course normally is not possible]. This option can be activated and turned off in FC with the CTRL + B keyboard shortcut

So what is the problem? Well, I can drag those files to copy them within FreeCommander [to the other panel]. I can also drag them to Mp3tag- but dropping them on it has no effect

This is probably not a bug but just a way Mp3tg works. Because I can successfully drop the same selection upon Winamp 5.666 but unsuccessfully upon Media Player Classic x64 so one player can load such selection while other cannot

But I wish Mp3tag would behave in the same way as Winamp. Plan View saves me time- but if I have to copy that set of files to some other location [and also sometimes deal with doubled / triples filenames] all that additional bidding beats the purpose of using something like Plain View

And to be precise: it seems that with Mp3tag the problem with the location of files. If I select only those from the parent folder, I can drop them on Mp3tag [and MPC]. I can also select a single file from a sub-folder a drop it succesfully. But I cannot drop more than 2 files from a sub-folder. [So maybe after all it is a bug?]


I've did some research on this issue and will most likely come up with a workaround for the next release.

Background for the FreeCommander developer:

Getting data via
works while
doesn't. Seems to be overly restrictive, but no problem to workaround.


I just reported this on the FreeCommander's forum:


I've added the workaround with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.87d.