[F] Can't connect with Discogs

I'm getting the "Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com"
Was working under 2.62
Did allow Mp3tag on the Discogs website.

I have the same problem !

but its not only a problem with 2.63, it is common problem also with 2.62 (already tested)

Same here
v2.63 running on MacOS 10.6.8 with Wine and discogs API key

Did you check e.g.
MP3Tag Won't connect to Discogs

I've rewritten the official Discogs Tag Source to be used with the Discogs API.

The rewrite was necessary, because the Discogs API has been changed to provide output in JSON format instead of XML (see this post in the Discogs API Announcement Forum for details).

Enjoy your Discogs tagging with the current Development Build and please let me know of any issues you encounter :slight_smile:

Kind regards

I like a lot what is done so far with json. It is clean and more efficient (less headache for complex scripts).


I think this bug still isn't completely squashed. EDIT or there are serious issues on Discogs' end /EDIT

I just did a clean install of Mp3tag 2.65 on a clean install of Windows 7 Pro x64. When trying to access the Discogs web source, I am getting the request to authorize the application. I followed the instructions, logged into my Discogs account, and copied-and-pasted the validation code into Mp3tag. Mp3tag now shows as an authorized application in my Discogs account.

However, whenever I try to access the Discogs web source, I am still getting the error
"Fehler beim Verbinden zum server: www.discogs.com

Unauthorized (401)"

I even removed Mp3tag from the authorized applications and re-did the entire procedure, as this was suggested by you in another thread. However, it didn't help...

Edit discogs.src file (normally found in folder %appdata%/mp3tag/data/sources) as follow:
Replace [WordSeperator]=+ by [WordSeperator]=%20.
In other words replace + character with %20 (space url encoded character).
It works.

@Victor: Indeed, the change you suggested fixed the issue. Thanks a lot for your help!

This is now also fixed with Mp3tag v2.65a.

Thank you

Still not 100% fixed for me.

I'm on 2.65a now. When searching for an album with a minus sign in its title, I'm getting the 401 error once again. For example, try searching for "Hi-NRG Dance Classics." For me, this reproducibly brings about the Unauthorized (401) error.

Don't panic :sunglasses:. Florian will fix it.
In meantime I already have provided the workaround (in this thread).
Change encoding in the discogs.src file (located in folder %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources).
From [Encoding]=url-utf-8 to [Encoding]=utf-8.
It works.

I expect he will. I'm thankful for all his hard work.

No, your workaround gives rise to other issues. When I switch from url-utf-8 to utf-8, Mp3tag stops to interpret certain special characters correctly (e.g., characters with accents). It then replaces those special characters with non-legible stuff (percentage signs and numbers).

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I think discogs has changed their API again because the issue does not occur anymore.
Official mp3tag script Discogs works well without any workaround... Finally... :w00t:

authorisation problems moved to a new topic:


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